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Prenatal 4D Video Ultrasound & 3D Imaging Services
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With an elective 3D 4D ultrasound, you’ll have the chance for a sneak peek at your baby while he or she is still in the womb. At My First Foto 3D ultrasound, we use the latest technology to provide you the clearest 3D and 4D photos of your unborn. You can now see your baby yawn, grimace, swallow and perform intricate hand and finger movements, and this very special moment can now be shared with your family and friends many weeks before your baby is born.

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We are a full service prenatal imaging center specializing in 3D and 4D ultrasounds for expectant mothers. We believe that the realistic surfaces of the 3D ultrasound provide a wonderful bonding between the mother, father, family members and their baby.  

Our goal is to make your 3D/4D ultrasound experience most memorable and this is how we do it:

One. We designed our facility with comfort and relaxation in mind. Your ultrasound is performed in a large private ultrasound theater and we can comfortably seat 12 other adults. We offer three viewing screens to see your baby, including a large LCD screen for all your guests to enjoy.

Two. Your 3D images are guaranteed to your satisfaction. The main reason for a 3D sonogram is to get the clearest pictures

possible. However, there are so many factors in determining the clarity of the photos that are beyond our control, including your body’s tissue density, the amount of amniotic fluid in your body, the placement of the placenta and the position of the baby.

As a result, it is not guaranteed that you will get beautiful photos on your first visit. Almost all 3D ultrasound centers do not allow for a return or will charge you an additional fee for a re-scan. When you choose My First Foto, you will feel confident that you will get great photos of your baby and you will not be charged extra for a second chance. If your pictures still didn’t come out right, we will be glad to refund you the fee paid. You will risk nothing to try us out.

Three. We use the best ultrasound equipment in the industry. All ultrasound sessions are performed using our “state-of-the-art” GE Voluson 730 Expert. We feel very confident that we can produce the clearest 3D images for our customers.

Having a 3D/4D ultrasound is a very special experience for many mothers. When you choose My First Foto, you will have the confidence that our prices are the most competitive and we promise to do whatever it takes to give you the best ultrasound experience.

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